Beat Light by Tom Dixon

The greatest ideas designers have are inspired by things around them, by history and art, by normal items everybody else sees, but nobody else finds inspiring. Let’s take Tom Dixon for example. He is a great modern designer and I am sure you will love to see the lamps he created. But a few years ago he went on a trip to India together with his students and there he admired the ancient traditional technique of brass beating. Local manufacturers “beat” brass and obtained beautiful and shiny brass vessels Indian people have used for water or for cooking. This is the starting point of the future design of his Beat series of lighting devices.

Ccff13e4 1470 4a51 87e4 8c451dcd15aa1Tom Dixon’s imagination and creative mind turned cooking pots into pendant lights. What is even more interesting about this product is the fact that these pendant lights like this Beat Light by Tom Dixon is actually made of brass that is hand beaten on the inside.  The outside has a black patine finish and looks great. This pendant light is heavy and pretty big, but it is worth it, as it is decorative in itself and you can’t help admiring it when you turn on the light and the polished brass shines in your living room like an interior sun. The item can now be bought from Y Lighting for $490.