Be Tulum Resort in Mexico by Sebastian Sas

To me, these pictures show an architect having a lot of fun, playing with the tropical materials and landscape. Be Tulum resort from Mexico was designed by Argentinian architect Sebastian Sas, and it is a place from where every visitor leaves with the smile on its lips and hopes to return as soon as possible. A place surrounded by water and flooded with light.  These are the words defining this magnificent resort. Built only with natural materials and surrounded by local vegetation, this property was designed to be a place of relaxation, far away from the crowded civilization and noise.

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Outside, the resort has lots of swimming pools, some big, some smaller, and many places where everybody can sit and enjoy the natural landscape. Here, the sand is complemented by  big mosaic tiles, contrasting  with the wooden staircases decorated with amazing spotlights and beautiful palm trees. Be Tulum’s twenty spacious suites are housed in five different buildings sharing a minimalist, contemporary design with local limestone, warm Brazilian wood and bold Bisazza mosaic tiles.

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Ground floor suites are equipped with a private pool and terrace, while upper floors suites offer a free-standing Jacuzzi and balconies facing the magnificent view. There are also two private penthouses with their own terrace and swimming pools, places where the guests can enjoy the breath-taking view of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sian Ka’an, the “birthplace of the sky”. A combination between traditional and contemporary, this place is a gem hidden on the Mayan Riviera, with many vibrant spaces to see and be seen.