BDLove lamp by Ross Lovegrove

Designer Ross Lovegrove has recently come up with another modern and surprising design. He created the BDLove bench for BD Barcelona Design, hence the name. BGLove is a combination of a bench and a lamp, but both with a modern twist. The bench doesn’t really look like a standard bench and the lamp isn’t really a lamp. However, the combination of the two elements was very successful and the result was this exceptional piece of art.

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Perfect for public spaces, BDLove features comfortable seating space and a very subtle light that creates an intimate, very pleasant atmosphere. It comes in various colors, all of them vibrant and pleasant to sit on. It’s a modern piece that will ad color and fun to any public or private space. It was designed for large public spaces but if you really like it I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t have one right in your garden or terrace, if you have the space. BDLove is definitely an eye-catching piece that will attract a lot of curious persons.

Bench with lighting bd barcelona design bdlove lamp ross lovegroveView in gallery

DBLove has a very beautiful design, with continuous lines and soft edges. The bottom half is for sitting while the upper half is a lamp that will make your time spent on this bench more pleasant. The combination of the two is very clever and practical. You don’t need separate lamps anymore, all you need is space.