BBQ Table Settings: Ideas and Inspiration

Soon you will be BBQ-ing every weekend and having the neighbors over for dinner every other Monday night. And sometimes it’s quite hard to bring style to such a casual event. But have no fear, it’s our jobs to give you lots of ideas and inspiration for even the most laid-back of get-togethers. Take a look at these BBQ table settings and jot down some notes for your first outdoor affair of the season!

1. A DIY Denim Idea.

Burlap summer table cloth

How adorable are these place mats? If you’re one of those that’s great at DIYing, then you can easily make something like this for yourself! Grab some of your old pairs of blue jeans or start from scratch by picking up some denim at your local craft store. Then dress them up with your silverware, dishes and maybe even a fresh floral or fall piece depending on the season!

2. Some Simple Masons Jars.

Burlap summer table cloth

For something simple without a bunch of fuss, just gather some mason jars. Drop some water (or none) and a tea light inside for a nice, sophisticated feel for such a laid-back event. It’s such an easy way to bring life and spark to a casual gathering without too much money or lots of time.

3. A Couple of Wildflower Cans.

Burlap summer table cloth

Go outside and pick some of those crazy growing wildflowers in the back, then plop them down in some of the cans you’re getting ready to recycle. This is a funky, eclectic way to create an easy centerpiece for something as easy as a backyard BBQ. Keep one at each personal setting or cluster them together at a round table for voluminous centerpiece.

4. A Little Bit of Classic Plaid.

Burlap summer table cloth

You can always spruce up the classic red and white plaid tablecloths! Cover the tables in the fun, traditional pattern and then make it a bit fashion forward with your accessories. Small skillets for the baked beans, mason jars to drink out of and get creative with the condiment bar!

5. Covered in Natural Burlap.

Burlap summer table cloth

For a natural, yet beautifully feminine style, use burlap to cover your tables and then add some dainty nature-inspired pieces atop. Some wildflowers in a mason jar, cotton in a pretty vase or some floral dishes can easily be used outside for a casual BBQ. The great thing about this table idea is that it’s still stylish and fun. You don’t have to be masculine or create a masculine tablescape just because you’re using the grill!