Baxton Studio Tuscany Brown Modern Dry Bar and Wine Cabinet

My husband likes guests very much and he also likes having all sorts of beverages for all tastes. That is why his dream was to have a wine cabinet where he could store all the drinks for a party or a special occasion. Well, I think this Baxton Studio Tuscany Brown Modern Dry Bar and Wine Cabinet is perfect for what he wants. It is a piece of furniture that is specially designed for storing glasses and bottles of different wines and other beverages. It is very simple in design, yet it is very beautiful. The upper part of the cabinet looks just like any other cabinet with two doors that come open and can be locked by key.

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However, when you come down and look to the lower part you will immediately realize what it is used for. That is because the lower part is made of many special horizontal racks for bottles of wine. This way you will be able to store the wine properly – in horizontal position, in order to avoid the cork from getting into contact with air. This wine cabinet has a modern look and is made of MDF and dark brown rubber wood veneer . The silver hardware comes into a beautiful contrast with the dark wood. The item is made in Thailand and can be bought for $183.