Baum Mirror from Bungalow 5

I do not leave in the past and I am really anchored in the present, but I do like knowing things about my past and our past, about history because I do believe one needs to know their past in order to understand their present and future. I don’t remember who said that, but I agree. So I am glad to read things about man’s history on Earth and I find it fascinating. For example I like the fact that in the past people used still waters to see their faces. They just went to the forest and waited until the water was totally still and only then were they able to see what they looked like. Well, it might sound awkward but that is what I thought of when I saw this beautiful Baum Mirror from Bungalow 5. Nature proved a wonderful source of inspiration for designers once again.

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This mirror shows a stylized nature corner where the still water of a pond is actually the mirror, surrounded by small twigs. These twigs are no longer made of wood, but they are now made of silver and look very artistic. The bamboo design has now an antique silver leaf finish and this looks incredibly well around the silver back of the mirror. If you want to purchase the item you will have to contact those from Bungalow 5.