Bauhinja Marble Vase

People have discovered marble since the most ancient times. Romans used marble for carving the most amazing sculptures and statues and also they used it for luxury bathrooms and pools. Marble still is a very precious and beautiful material and you can use it for obtaining very nice accessories for your home. But when you say marble you expect a statue or something bigger, not this amazing Bauhinja Marble Vase. However, this does not make it any less valuable and artistic, beautiful and graceful.

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This interesting vase is, obviously, made of marble and carved by hand has some harmonious curves that make it look like a flower bud. The petals are on the outside, protecting the little space inside that will be filled with water and used as a flower vase. Any way, you can use this vase as a decorative accessory by itself, as it looks great on a black mahogany table or a a dark bookshelf and even on a nice mantlepiece. With or without flowers, this vase is still very eye-catching and you can now order it for $200. It is not big (35cm x 15cm x 15cm) but big enough to draw attention and bring a special feature to the overall design of the room it is placed in.