Bathroom Washbasins by Alicrite

I`m happy to present you a gorgeous collection, Washtrend, designed by Carlo Colombo for Alicrite. All the units from this collections burn an original design.

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The silver freestanding washbasin is perfectly for any modern bathroom. The black and white lay-on vessel could amazingly suit to any trendy black and white bathroom. Any of these presented washbasins could add a stylish and unique touch to any bathroom. You’ll just have to find the right one.

Bathroom Washbasins by Alicrite

Bathroom Washbasins by Alicrite1

Each one of them is unique in a different way. It could be the shape, the design, the materials used or the colors. Every one of them presents a different style and is suitable for a certain type of person. The first option is very modern with a traditional reminiscence because of the wood, the second one is very bold and unique, very contemporary and the last choice is simple and elegant, but also modern. What type do you like best? Pick your choice.