Bathroom Soap Dishes with Interesting Designs

Soap dishes are those small items made of porcelain or glass or even plastic that people use to hold the soap. Because soap is used every day and it gets slippery in contact with water you must keep it in these special places. And most times you do not pay too much attention to soap dishes or soap dispenser unless they break or get dirty or something similar. Any way, I like interesting shapes and designs even for these little things, so I was more than pleased to find this set of Bathroom Soap Dishes  on Pottery Barn.


As you can see from the picture, one of the soap dishes looks like a bathtub, another like a bathroom sink and finally the last one shaped just like a bathroom vanity. They are so well designed as they have every single detail and, let’s admit, this is a bit funny and ironic at the same time. It is as if you have smaller replicas of bathroom furniture used as soap dishes. The design is Victorian and the pieces are molded in hand-molded stoneware with a glazed finish. Each item can be bought for $12-15.