Bathroom Mirrors with Built-In TVs

Seura, one of the most innovative companies, has come up with a new idea. It is a mirror with a TV incorporated, or the other way around, a TV that can also be used as a mirror when it’s not on. Another ingenious way of saving space.

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You can now include a TV in your bathroom without being worried about the space or the unfriendly conditions from that particular room of the house. Enjoy the time spent in the bathroom, because there is no way you will ever get it back. The patented mirror technology that the company uses produces a clear picture from the LCD when it’s on and, because of the mirror, you won’t even notice the TV when it’s off.

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Indulge yourself with this new creation. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows while taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You will feel more comfortable and welcomed in there.