Bathroom Magazine Rack Options You Can Build Yourself

A cool feature for the bathroom is the magazine rack. It’s an accessory that adds a stylish touch to the space in addition to being practical. So how would a bathroom magazine rack look like? The options are numerous and a lot of them are DIY projects which offer the flexibility and freedom of customizing the rack according to the exact measurements of the available space and the style preferred for the décor.

A sleek and stylish system for hanging magazines on a wall is featured on Monsterscircus. Each magazine needs a thin strip of wood with two small knobs at the ends in order to stay like that. They are each hung from a wall-mounted nail, screw or hook using a piece of cord or twine. To make this whole system you need some wood, knobs, a saw, a drill, leather cord and scissors.

Leather strap magazine hanger

Another system that’s just as simple if not even easier to use is described on Burkatron. The leather magazine holders featured here are very easy to make using leather straps, a hammer and some nails and a hole punch. First you fold a leather strip in two and make sure it can hold a magazine comfortably. Cut it to size and then punch holes at the ends. Secure it to the wall with a nail.

Copper hanging magazine

Wall-mounted magazine racks are very practical mostly because they don’t occupy any floor space which is limited in bathrooms. That’s why there are many easy-to-craft types and systems such as the one on Themerrythought. To make this magazine rack, for example, you only need some copper tubing, a hoop, something to cut the tubing with, string and a hot glue gun. You can give your magazine rack as many tiers as you want.

Canvas magazine hanger for bathroom

The magazine hanger featured on Designsponge also has three tiers but is made a bit differently. The materials required for this project include canvas fabric, a wooden dowel, rope, scissors, a needle and thread or a sewing machine, clay base plates, glue and velcro fixers. The whole process is described thoroughly and the project is actually quite simple.

Rope magazine holder

A casual and stylish magazine rack design that would suit a bathroom well is featured on Mydubio. To make something similar for yourself, you’ll need some wooden blocks which you can buy or craft, a drill, some spray paint and rope. Drill a hole in the center of each block and make sure it’s wide enough to run the rope through. Spray paint the blocks and then insert the rope through the hole and tie a knot. You can hang two magazines this way and they’ll balance each other.

Canvas wall pockets

Magazine racks with pockets and always practical and useful in a lot of different settings. You can easily make your own version by following the steps described on Themerrythought. You’ll need a few thing including canvas drop cloth or other type of fabric, scissors, straight pins, a sewing machine, leather and d-rings. Cut the canvas, fold it and iron it and make three pockets which will be attached to a back section. Pin them in place and then sew them on. Sew the leather pieces to the top and bottom and add the rings.

X shaped magazine holder

Of course, the wall-mounted magazine racks aren’t the only suitable option. If the space in your bathroom allows it, a freestanding rack could be strategically placed and used as an accessory. This wooden design is easy to build using two pieces of wood that form an X-shape. A ruler, a saw and a pencil are also required. Check out the full article to find out all the details.

Sisal rope magazine

A basket can work perfectly as a magazine holder and there are lots of types of baskets to choose from and lots of ways in which you can decorate and personalize them. For example, you can wrap sisal rope around it to give it a rustic look. Learn all about the transformation on Dwellbeautiful. You can roll the magazines and store them all in the basket.

Copper and denim magazine rack

How about a stylish magazine rack with a bit of industrial flair? It could be coordinated with a matching bathroom sink or other features. The rack can be made using copper pipes. Other required materials include elbow connectors, glue, a sewing machine, lacquer and a pair of old jeans for the pocket that holds the magazines.{found on pillarboxblue}.

Felt magazine Holder

A similar design is also described on Manmadediy but this time the magazine rack is made using wooden dowels and slats. Wood screws, a large piece of fabric and a sewing machine are also needed. The wooden frame is really easy to put together and once the fabric pocket is added the project is pretty much complete. Of course, you can paint the frame if you want to customize its look. Also, choose a type of fabric that cheers up or complements your bathroom décor.