Bathroom curtain ideas for all tastes and styles

Bathroom curtains are used for privacy reasons, or at least this was their original use. With time, they’ve also become an accessory. They are used to add color to the bathroom and to also make a statement. There are numerous designs and styles some of which are actually quite funny and unusual. Some are simple, some are elegant and some are simply lovely. Here are a few examples from all categories.

Country bathroom
Colorful bathroom curtain

In this bathroom, the curtain is used as an accent feature. It adds color and pattern and creates a focal point for the décor in an almost all-white space.

Country bathroom
Small bathroom featuring a modern curtain and a vintage lighting fixture

Here the focal point is the black, square cabinet under the sink and the décor is neutral. The curtain is used as a subtle accent piece featuring beige and white stripes and it integrates beautifully into the décor.

Country bathroom
Large tile on wall and mosaic on bottom of shower create a cool combination

This is a bathroom curtain with a rather elegant look, similar to those used in living rooms or bedrooms. It was sued here as a purely decorative piece and as a way of introducing a few warmer color shades in a décor dominated by cold tones such as grey, blue, white and black.

Country bathroom
Small bathroom with green accessories

This curtain maintains its primary use, that of providing privacy. But at the same time it also features a friendly and funny design with all sorts of cute images printed on it in colors that match the rest of the accent pieces in the bathroom.

Country bathroom
Ruffle shower curtain for bathroom

Ruffles are delicate and elegant and they can be used for everything, including shower curtains. This ruffled curtain adds style to the bathroom and becomes an accent piece not because of the color, which is a neutral beige, but because of its texture and overall look.

Country bathroom
Bright yellow furniture with a contemporary curtain

Pattern can also be a way of attracting attention. For example, this shower curtain features a combination of grey and white and is integrated into a bathroom with bright yellow accent pieces so the pattern is a more subtle way of creating a focal point.

Country bathroom
Simple guest bathroom

If you want your bathroom to be a serene, calm and refreshing space then you should choose the colors and materials very carefully. This shower curtain seamlessly integrates into the décor and features a very beautiful design with large, delicate flowers and beautiful and subtle colors.

Country bathroom
Cute country bathroom

This is a traditional bathroom with a curtain featuring a simple but busy pattern with white and brown checker squares. The window also has a matching, very short curtain used for decorative purposes.

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