Bathroom Countertop Trends For This Year

If you’re tired of how your bathroom looks like or if you’re planning a renovation for this particular area, be bold and dare to become a designer just for this project. Decorating a bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t make it difficult. For example, a beautiful countertop can become a beautiful and eye-catching feature in the bathroom, if it’s chosen correctly, of course. There are lots of options to explore. The best criteria to use is the one based on materials.

Wooden bathroom countertops.

Contemporary stainless laundry room
A simple and solid wooden countertop would look very nice in a modern bathroom

Contemporary stainless laundry room
Opt for a more organic shape and designs for an original bathroom décor

Even though wood is not exactly a first choice when it comes to the bathroom, there have been developed ways to make this material more resistant to moisture and thus to allow it to be included in any room of the house. A wooden bathroom countertop would be a nice way of maintaining a cohesive décor throughout the house.

Ceramic countertops.

Contemporary stainless laundry room
Matching the ceramic countertop with the floor is a feature suitable for traditional bathrooms

If you prefer a uniform and cohesive décor in your bathroom, then you can opt to use the same type of tiles you used for the flooring to cover the countertop. This way the countertop will match the floor and you’ll be able to use this feature to create interesting focal points. Ceramic countertops are also resistant to moisture and they require little maintenance.

Concrete countertops.

Contemporary stainless laundry room
A concrete countertop with rough edges would be a simple yet eye-catching feature in the bathroom

A more modern option that would suit beautifully a minimalist bathroom is a concrete countertop. It’s a trend that is widely used for modern and contemporary bathrooms but also for the kitchens. The countertop doesn’t have to be made exclusively out of concrete. You can also opt for combinations of materials or for countertops that have decorative features embedded in them.

Stainless steel countertops.

Contemporary stainless laundry room
Match the stainless steel countertop with other similar features for a less intrusive effect

A less popular but still interesting option for the bathroom countertop would be stainless steel. This material is usually used in kitchens but it can also be included in the design of the bathroom if you wish, for example, to maintain a uniform look throughout the house or if you simply want a material that is resistant, durable and that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Stainless steel is also less heavy than granite or concrete.

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