Bathroom Corner Cabinet

Small bathrooms require some great deal of imagination and innovation to organize so as to store the necessary things in a minimum of space without having all stuck in corners and not being able to find them when you need them. A great  solution for that are bathroom shelves, but there are certain things you need to store in a bathroom that are rather intimate and cannot be displayed so as everyone can see them. For them you need one of these nice small bathroom corner cabinets. Here is a pretty one that is all painted in white , looking vintage and great.

Corner bath cabinet grapevine

This cabinet is made especially for the bathroom corner and fits it perfectly. That is why its shape is rather unusual. It has two shelves inside which provide three storage spaces inside and is all made of wood. The door of the cabinet is decorated with wooden grapevines on some glass background. It is small, but very useful and gives your bathroom a very special and personal touch. You can purchase it now for $98.99.