Barton Coffee Table

Most coffee tables are round because the people using them stay around the table, sipping coffee and talking over it, having a good time. But I do not like ordinary people, so I wanted to see something different. And I found this interesting, yet amazingly simple Barton Coffee Table. First of all you notice that it is oval in shape instead of round as you were used to see a coffee table. Then you notice it seems totally bare, just like it were made of hard unfinished wood. Actually this coffee table is made of solid oak and has very simple and clean lines.

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The design of this particular coffee table belongs to Terence Conrad and the item is available on Conran’s online shop. However, the table is manufactured by another company called Ercol in the United Kingdom, but it is sold as an exclusive Conran piece of furniture. I like the delicate and graceful legs that are kept together by three wooden pieces that make a frame that also confers stability. I also like the fact that the coffee table is almost white in colour thanks to the matte, water-based lacquer. Then I like the nice oval and the fact that this allows pairs of people sit in front of each other, close to one another and still separate. The item can now be purchased for the price of £552.50.