Barrett Low Table

I like unique and unusual things because I like being a bit different from all the others. I do not like having the same things half the block has in their living rooms so I’d rather hunt for some garage sale or maybe some vintage store where I am more likely to find something older but more original instead of going to the store and purchasing an item some other two thousand people have. This Barrett Low Table seems like the perfect thing for my living room because it looks nothing like an usual and regular furniture item.

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It can easily be taken for an ottoman because you can actually use it as one. It is totally up to you if you decide to use it as a coffee table, an ottoman or even as a decorative piece of furniture. First of all this table is round and unusual in shape, looking like a flying saucer. It is made of wicker and it is carefully and beautifully crafted by an experiences craftsman. It has four legs made of iron and the resistant frame the wicker covers is also made of iron. The size of this piece of furniture is perfect : 42″ radius  and 16.5″ height . You can buy it now for $1,295 from Living room Home.