Barilo by Busk and Hertzog

Here’s a new and ingenious creation that will probably be very successful. It’s called Barilo and it was created in 2011 by Busk and Hertzog.It’s a very versatile piece of furniture. You can’t call it a table, neither a chair or a storage space because it’s all of these in the same time. It’s a storage-table-seat.

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If you use with the lacquered top leaf on, then it’s a nice colorful side table. If you put the covered top leaf on it transform into a lovely seat. And if you lift the top leaf you will see that it hides a secret storage space where you can put your magazines or where you can hide different things that you don’t want your guests to see. A very practical solution that will definitely save some space around the house. And it’s also very good-looking. The colors are very bright and happy and the design is simple and modern.