Barcelona’s Hotel Ayre

For the most important architects, buildings aren’t just some places for people to live, they are a matter of art and, why not, vanity. Hotel Ayre is the product of some ambitious architects which claim their tradition from the art of Gaudí. The building is located in Barcelona, Spain, one of the cities with the most astonishing buildings, based on all kinds of experimental architectures for their time.

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Relating to the art of Antoni Gaudí, the Hotel Ayre’s architects used a particular modernist style influenced by surrealism, with colorful ornaments reflecting organic elements taken out of nature. As a contemporary way of integrating the animated colors of nature, they attached fine stripes of LED-lightning elements edgeways to the window panes. Thanks to the computerized coordination of the LED´s, it´s even possible to reproduce a sort of “Gesamtkunstwerk”, combining sound and light effects, like Vivaldi´s “QuatroStaggioni” with the changing colors evoked by the four baroque concertos.

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In a simple but effective gesture, the architects broke up the stone panels between adjacent guest apartments, filling the void with thin alabaster tiles attached to laminated glass slabs, which measures were scaled by the Fibonacci Series. Opaque during the day, they become translucent at night, following the sequence of the visitors lighting their rooms. Therefore the facades become the animated showcase of the building’s activity. Due to its extravagance, the Hotel Ayre, designed by Wortmann Architects, Guillemo Bañares Arquitectos and Carlos Narvaez, should be one of the main attraction points for any tourist in Barcelona.{found on archdaily}.