Barbie themed hotel rooms

Believe it or not there are a lot of people who would pay quiet a lot of money to allow their little girl to spend a day or two in a dream world and , of course, a little girl’ s fantasy room includes Barbie. Even though the Barbie doll has been on the market for more than half a century by now, still all the girls around the world are fascinated by it and dream of being like it.

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There are actually many hotels around the world that thought about making a life-sized replica of Barbie’ s dream apartment where everything is pink and looks just like the toys that come with Barbie: a pink bed that looks descended from a fairy tale, Barbie posters on the walls, pink carpets, pink walls and curtains, but not any kind of pink – it’s exactly that pink that is used with Barbie doll sets. The details of all the furniture pieces are very accurate and when you enter such a room you feel like you have just stepped into a doll’ s room, not an actual hotel room.

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I like them even now, as a grown-up, but I imagine that little girls are ecstatic to stay in such a hotel room. If you are curious to find out more details about these hotel rooms, you can find more information on the official web sites of these hotels: The Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris, The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Maritim Hotel Germany, Hilton Hotel and many more others.