Barbara Westbrook’s original home interior design

Transforming a building into something else is a very common practice. We have seen warehouses turned into apartment buildings or private residences and houses turned into offices or stores. In this case we have a country store that was turned into a cozy private residence. It’s the home of interior designer Barbara Westbrook.

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She currently lives in the village of Whittier Mill, Atlanta. What is now her home was originally a general store. Even though the structure of the store differs from that of a private home, she saw the potential in this place. She decided to turn it into something personal so she took over the project. Many changes had to be made. However, she didn’t want to completely eradicate the history of the building. As a result, she decided to keep some of the original elements and to adapt them and include them into the new design.

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Overall, the house has vintage and rustic furniture and most of the pieces are salvaged items. In the dining room there’s a series of wall shelves and they are actually leftover from the store. The designer gave them a new purpose and turned into something very useful. She also gathered many pieces of furniture, each with its own story but that together form a harmonious balance of styles. She also likes to collect shoes, as we can see in the picture. The designer managed to turn an apparently cold space into a very inviting and cozy home.{found on dustjacketattic}.