Bank Office Interior Design in Belgium

Every city is full of banks and the reason is the fact that nowadays anyone has an account or needs to send or receive money. Due to the big number of banks and the similar offers, the banks need to develop another way to attract customers. Sometimes it’s all about the looks. When you see a luxurious bank building you are tempted to have more trust in it. Also, it is considered a quality if the bank building has an intelligent architecture which allows the customer to orient better. The bank office we are about to present is situated in Harelbeke, Belgium. The Dierendonckblancke constructed the building on one level with a multitude of glass that surrounds the building.

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Because the building is surrounded by windows, including windows that are put in the center of the ceiling, light easily enters in all of the 8 office spaces inside, making work more pleasant along the natural light. The new building has two arms from where you can communicate with the surrounding buildings. White walls, ceiling, with many windows, and the white floors makes this space a bright one, which gives the employees a good working mood, in a lovely environment. For the public the bank installed an ATM, so people can extract money fast, when they’re near by.

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The building was gently lifted, due to a slope ground which became a parking space for all the employees cars. At night the parking is closed for your car safety.