Banjo Sleigh Bench

People live in houses and flats, depending on circumstances. Well , in my opinion those people living in houses are the most fortunate not because they have more space and less neighbours, but also because they can enjoy sitting in the open air. They relax in a rocking chair on the porch, swim in the pool, pick flowers in the garden and other relaxing activities that make you say “Thank you, Lord, for my house!”.

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This nice looking bench is made of wood pine and has its name from the image that was wood burned in it. After it had been done you simply apply some transparent lacquer to protect it and preserve it for the future. The image is that of a banjo, of course, and it appears both on the bench and also on the matching table. The “sleigh” is made of little and narrow pieces of board that come together in a special way and make it look like a wave, like moving continuously. The great advantage is that you can use this set any way you want to. For example you can use it as an outdoor bench to sit on during the gorgeous nights with a full moon or during the day, but if you remove its legs and attach some ropes or chains you will have the perfect porch swing. You can buy it here.

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