Bamboo Furniture: Ideas and Inspiration

Go green with some slick and stylish bamboo furniture. It’s durable and strong, it’s even stronger than steel! It’s available in an array of colors and varieties. It holds its shape no matter the changes in climate, which makes it okay to use as outdoor pieces. And yes, that means if water hits it, it won’t ruin the look, feel or shape! Now that you know some of the great advantages to bamboo furniture, let’s take a look at some great ideas and inspiration on where and how to use it!

1.Organic Sitting Area.

Bamboo living room furniture

This living room looks like they took the bamboo right from the great outdoors and make seats out of it. It’s pretty, light and organic in make and style.

2. The Modern Outdoors.

Modern patio bamboo furniture

This bamboo furniture is perfect for the outdoors because, as we mentioned above, it will not weather due to climate changes. These pieces are fresh and modern, and definitely more unique than colorful, plastic lounge chairs.

3. Bits of Bathroom Uniqueness.

Traditional powder room bamboo

Yes, even your vanity can be made of bamboo! Which is perfect for the bathroom, it’ll never ruin with your splashes of water!

4.Vacation-Worthy Beds.

Bamboo furniture bedroom

Even your canopy bed can have a green spirit without loosing its luxurious appeal. We love the way bamboo makes everything seem a little more magical and delicate.

5. Textural Tables and Chairs.

Rooftop bamboo furniture

Whether used on the inside or the out, bamboo tables and chairs are the perfect way to bring texture to a slick space. And especially to a city skyline!

6. An Eclectic Mix.

Bamboo chairs

We love how bamboo meshes well within all styles. Even among a mid-century modern setting, they’ll still hold lots of stylish value.

7. Some Colorful Creations.

Painted bamboo furniture

Yes, you can paint your bamboo furniture too! This breakfast nook is light and bright now, all because of their versatile bamboo pieces and a quick redo.{image from site}.

8. Spacey, Spectacular Pieces.

Modern bamboo chairs

Another piece of modern furniture, but when made with bamboo, it never looses its shape! Made with other materials and after awhile the chair starts to dull.

9. A Tad Boho.

Bamboo night stand

If you’re looking for something with lots of character. Try finding some vintage, bamboo rattan furniture! It’ll definitely add a bit of boho flair to your bedroom or home office.

10. Artistically Strong Pieces.

Bamboo Dining chairs

Are these chairs not beautiful and magical and stylish all at the same time? Yes, bamboo can be quite pretty too!