Bambi chair for kids

I still couldn’t find out why this chair was named like this. However, here are some other things I could find out about it: the Bambi chair is a very flexible and extremely comfortable. Its beautiful design and its soft lines and comfortable cushion are exactly what you need to make your home complete.

Bambi chair for kids2

The Bambi chair has a unique design. There’s a very beautiful continuity between the backrest and the legs. The backrest resembles a handle and it can actually be used as a handle to move the chair around. The cushion has been handmade and it’s the piece that brings together the two parts making the chair look complete. The Bambi chair is a very flexible and versatile piece of furniture. It has a very friendly shape that allows it to be integrated in any type of décor, whether it’s traditional or modern.

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Because of its soft curved lines and its friendly design, not to mention the cute name, the Bambi chair would also be a good choice for the kid’s room. Of course, not for very small kids because there’s still a possibility that they would get hurt. Overall this unique piece of furniture is something that everybody would like to have in their home. A very nice creation of Timo Wong and Priscilla Lu form Studio Juju.