Get Your Balcony Ready For Summer

Outdoor spaces for relaxation aren’t just for the people with big backyards. City dwellers that have balconies are just as capable as home owners to create their own little outdoor corner of the world where they can sit and drink wine at the end of the day. Even people with a window overlooking a fire escape can get some air! It all depends on how you use the space you have. With a little imagination and a sunny Saturday, you can turn your balcony into a space that invites you to come and sit and soak in the summer sun. Take a look at these 12 tips to get your balcony ready for summer.

Cozy balcony design

Some balcony spaces are just too public to be a place of rest. If you feel like your neighbors are likely to lean over the rail and ask you for a glass of wine, hang a curtain that will give you some separation and privacy. You may be able to hear them, but at least they won’t be able to watch you read your magazines all summer.

Swedish balcony design

Let’s talk about outdoor rugs. Putting something cozy underfoot will not only enable to you ditch the shoes, it will immediately bring the feeling of an outdoor living room to your balcony.

Living room balcony design

And on that outdoor living room note, you’ll have lots of options for furniture to continue that feeling. I would suggest adding a coffee table and all your outdoor cushions. Suddenly your Saturday mornings will get lazier and much more pleasant.

Small breakfast nook in balcony

A small table and set of chairs on the balcony can allow you to take breakfast outside any morning of the week and then return for some fresh air at night with your dinner. This works especially well if you host lots of parties in your small apartment because you can throw open your balcony doors to extend your entertaining space.

String lights for balcony

Don’t forget your string lights! In my opinion, if you have any outdoor space at all, you must have string lights. Whether it’s an old set of Christmas lights or the nice big round bulbs, the glow will make it seem like you ordered your balcony straight from Paris. (via Free People)

Greenhouse Balcony Design

I promise you, adding a greenhouse to your balcony will make your plants incredibly happy. But having them contained will make it easy to keep your balcony clean and tidy. (via Remain Simple)

Balcony design with a daybed

There are so many wonderful pieces of outdoor furniture you can build with pallets. Making a daybed in a corner of your balcony will give you a spot to retreat with a book and snuggle your kids after a long day. (via @home.of.a.citymom)

Bold furniture for balcony

Maybe you’re pining for some fresh home grown tomatoes this year. Use some large planters to create your own garden on your balcony and you can have all the fresh produce you want!

Hanging chair for balcony

If your balcony is beneath someone else’s balcony, consider hanging a swing! You’ll find that there’s nothing you’d rather do on weekends when you have a cozy spot like this on your balcony. (via SF Girl By Bay)


Even small balconies can be made into a regular retreat. Throw down some cushions and a standing tray and you’ll find that’s all you need to make a welcoming space for reading and hanging out this summer. (via Fashion Me Now)

Plants for balcony design

If I had a balcony, this would be it. All those plants give you the feeling of being in the forest, even though you’re in the middle of skyscrapers and traffic. And something tells me that’s just what your soul needs this summer.

Small mattress balcony

Maybe you’re thinking that your balcony is so small, there’s no way you can fit any furniture out there. My advice, fill the space with one mattress. Covered in an all weather blanket and some outdoor pillows, it will be the easiest most comfortable space on the block.