How to Balance Eclectic Styles

Mixing old and new, or two styles, together is a great way to infuse your home with creativity. However, it is not always easy to find common ground between these two modes. Here are some ways to create the perfect harmony.

Consider Every Piece’s Worth.

Loft interior design electic
Lots is Happening But it Feels Organized

Before you start decorating, be critical of every single piece you want in the room. Is it really worthy of being in this space? What style is it? By questioning every piece, you are able to prevent clutter from forming. Even if a room doesn’t look too perfect, it should still be put together. Eclectic does not mean throwing lots of random items into the room!

Choose Balancing Items.

Gold leafed starburst mirror
Seeing Double

Place some identical pieces in the room to help you balance the eclectic styles. These items create harmony and link different parts of the room together. An example would be two identical end-tables or screens.

Leave Contrast.

Wall art framed
Spot the Contrast

Not everything should match. Play with contrast in a room. This could include mixing hot and cold colors, such as with a coral sofa and a white one, or adding a refurbished piece of furniture to a sleek, polished room. This contrast becomes an interesting part of your décor.

Keep the Basics Neutral.

Blue accents living room
Neutral is a Good Foundation

Make sure you maintain some neutral colors in the room, such as with paintwork. This allows you to add stronger colors in the design of the room, without creating a clash personality between styles.

Match Colors or Fabrics.

Traditional bedroom
Find Common Ground

If nothing seems to match, focus on bringing items into the room that can work off each other even if they look quite different. A good place to start is to try to match some items’ colors or fabrics. Patterns are an example of what can be mixed up, but if they are part of similar color schemes then you have found harmony between your styles.

Sequel Style.

Seating living room
Follow a Pattern

Choose to repeat certain items in the room, for instance items of similar shapes can be brought in. An example would be a circular mirror with a circular table. Another example: a rectangular vintage cabinet that is the same size as a rectangular mirror. Use such pieces together for the scene to flow.

Blend Your Wall Color to Match.

Fireplace living room homedir
Walls Don’t Have to Be White

Pale walls work well for eclectic spaces because they provide an almost-neutral background, however what color should you choose? Opt for a color that dominates the room but make it a few shades lighter. So, if you have lots of green in the room, a pale mint can look good on the wall. Blues and dark greys work well in a room that has softer grey on the wall.

Give it Eccentricity.

Gold wall art
An Unusual Accent Wall is Tops

The whole fun of designing an eclectic space is the chance to add a bit of quirkiness. You can do this with an unusual piece to create a bit of a stir. However, be minimal with this as you don’t want to create an awkward space.

Celebrate the Unexpected.

Bathroom wallpaper

It’s not just your décor that can be a celebration of eclectic style. Consider doing something different with your actual living space. For instance, if a large room is usually the spot for you to bring in living room paraphernalia, why not turn it into a bathroom instead and enjoy the larger space? This surprising choice then provides a good foundation for smaller touches of eclectic décor to come into play, such as chrome items being contrasted with vintage pieces.

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