Back to 17th Century With The Versailles Sofa

The latest Furniture Fair from Milan brought in the attention of the general public original ideas and trends. Here “Boca Do Lobo” , a Portuguese design firm presented their latest creation called the “ Versailles Sofa” . This furniture piece catches the attention with their “heritage sideboards”.  Inspired by the 17th century architectural elements this marvelous sofa tries to really show what we have seen in museums or what was detailed in old history books.

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Obviously, France played a determinant role in architecture and the designers wanted to embed their cultural heritage in one-of-a-kind furniture.  That particular segment in history is characterized through a “cultural boom”. Poetry , art, craftsmanship all bloomed after the very rigid Middle Ages  and people could  now express freely without any restrictions in a more extravagant way. This incredible detail on the sofa makes it suitable for specific environments filled with cold objects , less personal and most of all this should be placed on a spot where the environment contains at least a portion of the same natural materials as the sofa’s frame.

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If you wonder how much it will cost to get this exact piece in your possession, I’m going to tell you straight forward: $22,800. This is a piece to look at. I’m not saying that is not comfortable but with that marvelous detail on the sides and back, who’s going to sit on it?