Babila Glass Shelves by Luca Casini

Bookshelves are very useful when you want to place some things – books, vases, little decorations , within reach and also well stored there, on the shelves. Usually these shelves are made of wood, but sometimes people get imaginative and use other materials, too. For example the designer Luca Casini thought of using glass for his shelves. They are amazing. They offer support and storing space, but they are transparent and you can barely notice them on the wall.

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Every shelf is made of two halves that get united to form a nice and delicate rectangle, perfect for books, small figurines, clocks and other things you might want to place in plain view.These shelves are made of 10 mm thick glass that is heated and then curved in order to fit the necessary shape. You can combine more such halves and get some interesting modular shelves. These nice-looking shelves are supported by chromed brackets that look like shiny buttons against the white wall.The conclusion is that the shelves are both decorative and functional and you can see that on the manufacturer’s web site.

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