How To Make Awesome Paint Drip Flower Pots For Happy Plants

A flower pot is like a home to each of your plants. It’s where they grow up, where they make friends and where they grow old and eventually die, sometimes prematurely. In any case, you should give your plants a beautiful home, one they’ll love. This is a rather complex subject but for now we’ll only focus on the looks of the pot, exploring a few ways of giving it a beautiful paint drip design.


Actually, the original idea here was to paint the whole planter yellow. At one point, the paint started to drip and it looked quite beautiful. This accident turned into a new and unique design. The yellow looks really nice against the brown background, the combination being bold and refreshing. {found on oldbrandnewblog}.

Paint dipped pot

However, when intentionally wanting to get that dripping look on a planter, you start from the bottom. The whole process goes something like this: you flip the pot upside down and you start pouring paint on it, allowing it to drip to the sides. Then, when the paint is dry, you put your plant inside and hope it enjoys its new home. {found on myclevernest}

Abstract pots painting

It would be possible to use more than one color when creating this design. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pots featured on domesticimperfection. They were first placed upside down on paper towels and then colored paint was poured in the center. Then another color was added and then another and they started to layer and drip.

Drip paint flower pots

You can combine as many colors as you want. Each time the design you get and the pattern will be different and unique. The project is very simple and also very fun. You can also let the kids design their own flower pots. Aren’t the colorful pots featured on bystephanielynn just lovely? They color combinations are beautiful and refreshing.

Ombre flower pots paint

An interesting idea is to use different shades of the same color to create an ombre design on the pot. All you need is terracotta pots and craft paint. You flip the pots upside down and then you start layering paint in different colors around their bottom, allowing it to drip. Then gently shake the pot to help the paint settle. Find more details about this technique on madincrafts.

Black and white flower pots succulent

To get that paint drip look you don’t necessarily have to pour paint on the pot and then let it drip to the sides. You can create the design yourself using pint and a paint brush. It wouldn’t look very natural but it doesn’t have to. You can give the design an artistic look. Check out gardening.youmliv for more inspiration.

Terracotta pot tutorial painting

A similar technique was also used for the pots featured on growcreativeblog. This time several different colors were used. This is an interesting way of combining artwork with gardening. Use this idea as inspiration to come up with other unique and interesting designs meant to make your flower pots look pretty and fun. For example, instead of paint you can use watercolors or colored sharpies.