A Traveler’s Home Infused With Greenery And Natural Beauty

Every home should reflect the character and style of its owners. Some are better at this than others. Interior designers use all the means available at their disposal to make sure every client gets the home they want and deserve. When creating the DC Residency, the team from Nu Infinity had to make it reflect its owner’s love for travels and photography.

DC Residency lounge area curved sofaView in gallery

DC Residency lounge area seatingView in gallery

DC Residency lounge curved wallView in gallery

The designers made good use of their avant-garde approach and came up with some really great ideas for the residence. Always driven by the constant urge to engage challenges and to push the comfort zones of the society, they seek new ways to alter the ego of the design industry and to make the whole process fun.

DC Residency lounge sofaView in gallery

DC Residency lounge area curved sofaView in gallery

The DC Residency is located in Kuala Lampur, in Malaysia and is the home of a passionate traveler who photographs the world. The designers made good use of natural materials in order to create an organic and fresh ambiance throughout the house. One of the most notable features is the green wall in the dining room.

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DC Residency lounge area marble wallView in gallery

Enter the residence to reach a welcoming foyer. Here everyone gets to accommodate to the décor and ambiance, being welcomed by greenery and earthy colors. From there, the living areas can be accessed. Unlike most contemporary homes these days, the functions don’t share the same floor plan.

DC Residency lounge wall unit

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The lounge area can easily be considered a separate room even though there are no solid walls between it and the kitchen and dining zones. A curved sofa follows the outline of the wall and frames the panoramic view of the surroundings.

DC Residency green wall

DC Residency dining and kitchenView in gallery

DC Residency dining area green wallView in gallery

Another interesting design element in this space is the marble accent wall on which the TV is mounted. It serves as a divider between spaces and it adds a sophisticated touch to the décor. Blue was chosen as the accent color, giving the room a tranquil and very pleasant look.

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This casual lounge space is connected to a modern kitchen and dining zone. They share the same open floor plan. Even though the room is not particularly large, it feels spacious and open thanks to some clever design choices such as the mirrors on the ceiling and the green wall.

DC Residency family roomView in gallery

DC Residency family room wall decorView in gallery

The kitchen island is what visually separates the food prepping area from the dining space. The kitchen is decorated with shades of gray and white for a neutral and minimalistic look. The dining zone has gray chairs and a simple solid wood table centered on a brown textured rug.

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Even though there’s no direct connection to the outdoors, the dining space looks and feels like a semi-outdoor area, full of freshness and organic charm.

DC Residency family room photo display

There’s also a family room where the designers chose to display the owner’s collection of photos from his travels around the world. It’s sort of like a gallery but with a much more comfortable and inviting ambiance and décor. A comfortable fabric sofa is complemented by a round coffee table and a textured rug, facing a wall unit decorated with fresh green accents.

DC Residency bedroom decorView in gallery

DC Residency bedroom wall decorView in gallery

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The bedrooms are no less interesting either. Since the whole house was designed to be as welcoming and comfortable as possible, applying these characteristics to the bedrooms was easy and natural. The master bedroom is particularly interesting.

DC Residency master bedroomView in gallery

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The space is large and to the left of the sleeping zone there’s a slightly elevated platform where a classical Eames lounge chair defines this area as a relaxation space. The full-height windows offer the curved nook wonderful views and long curtains are there when privacy is needed.

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DC Residency bathroomView in gallery

Both this nook and the sleeping area are infused with green décor accents. The colors are based on shades of brown with dark and green accents. The timber floor and wall unit add warmth to the space and go really well with the whole theme of the design.

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