Aviator Wing Desk

If you are a guy and you have always loved airplanes even if now you may have a desk job, you will simply love this piece of furniture I am about to present. It is the desk that looks like a World War II bent airplane wing. 

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It can be bought for about $1995 but it is a real work of art. It is pretty solid and has an interior framework made of wood and only after this is finished did they add the polished aluminum plates and bolted them with stainless steel visible screws. The mimic of a fighting airplane is great and the designer tries his best to combines this design with the utility of this table or desk, as you may want to use it.

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The surface looks all patched and the visual effect is unbelievable. I am not sure if I want that because I need a desk to work at or because it is pleasant to look at and to feel, just like a sculpture. Also the three useful inside shelves that you can use for storage and the matching chair complete the image perfectly.


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