Avant-Garde Shine Store in Hong Kong

Shine is one of Hong Kong’s most renowned high and multi-brand fashion stores, known for bringing pioneering foreign brands to the trend conscious locals. Located in Causway Bay and designed by architect Nelson Chow, this impressive store is a true statement of beauty and style.

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The owner had one demand and this was to create a design that would reinforce the company’s identity as an avant-garde and experimental fashion store. In order to do so the architect used a bold, contrasting black and white palette, interesting lighting features and unique merchandise display units. Inspired by the shape of a star, the shop has the ceiling covered with a high gloss white and coated the surrounding walls with all black.

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Equipped with three display platforms and suspended mannequins, the entrance gallery acts as an extension of the window displays. The architect created interesting architectural highlights consisting of a tall asymmetrical room with a pivoted, angled ceiling, a suspended staircase and a series of white cables at the ceiling of the main space.

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Shine is a contemporary and avant-garde fashion shop. Designed to be the perfect juxtaposition of bold and edgy, this stunning store is a reflection of the fashion retailer.