Ava Marble Top Table

Marble is normally used for sculptures like statues or for very expensive and luxurious floors. It looks very nice and when it is very well carved and polished it can even feel warm and nice to touch, being used for millenia now. However, every once in a while some visionary guys use unconventional materials for usual things like tables and this way they obtain great things like this Ava Marble Top Table. It is a bit unusual to see a normal table with a marble top, but the result is amazing. This kind of table can be easily be used for both indoors and outdoors use because marble is a very resistant material and it is not affected by weather. It is also very heavy, so you can’t move this table around the house. It is very heavy and also it will scratch your floor. That is why it is perfect for outdoor use where you don’t have to move it even when it snows or rains.

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As I mentioned before, the heavy marble must be supported by strong legs, so the legs of this table are made of forged iron. They are beautifully designed and sturdy, too, but very strong and looking delicate at the same time. The metal has a brownish rusty finish which gives it an interesting appearance and even fits the table top which is coloured in brown and white. You can have it for $323.40.