Autumn- A Few Feng Shui Tips to Achieve Wellbeing

In this ever changing world, inspiration comes from Mother Nature. With the change of season she changes her look, in form, texture and color. We are no exception. The falling of tree leaves and racing of white clouds overhead mark the festive season, Autumn. Taking the inspiration from nature, earth, metal, water, wood and fire are regarded as the five elements of feng shui. The elements speak of the forces active in nature and how they impact both our body and mind. The purpose of feng shui is to connect one to nature.

Feng shui ideas

1. It’s party time. Organizing a party will give a good reason for cleaning. Make your kitchen spotless; rearrange your closets to give your interior the look of the season.

2. Autumn brings you a feast of colors. In flowers, fruits, the hue of sky and the texture of earth. To balance this impact, you can refresh your wardrobe with passionate warm colors like red, yellow, burgundy etc. Don’t forget to extend those warm colors to your bathroom too, so that, even in winter, you don’t feel too cold.

3. We can only achieve wellbeing by connecting ourselves to the nature, fragrance is a media. It explains why aromatherapy heals. There are wide variety of incense and scented candles essential for the purpose.

4. There’s an old saying in feng shui , “what you see is what you get”.  As per the saying, the thing that you look at in most of your time is your red bird. It is applicable in setting your screen saver in the computer, wall paper in your mobile phone etc. Put what you want to achieve in life.

5. Keep a water fountain (miniature) in the southwest corner of your work place. It will increase abundance in every department of your life. Clean the water and fountain.  The sound of water will chime a similar chord in your mind to make you feel close to nature.

Feng shui ideas

6. To increase life force in your home, think of adopting a pet.  Keeping a pet keeps you away from the hazards of blood pressure and depression. Unconditional love is your free gift.

7. Autumn offers fruits with sparkling colors like red, yellow, green and orange. According to feng shui, the more colorful you eat the healthier you stay.

8. We spend majority of our time staying indoors. It isolates us from nature.  At times, as we recollect the joyous moments of our lives, fragments of memories we spent outdoor come into mind. We cannot recapture those moments, but can put some nature elements like fresh flowers, stones or crystals to commemorate those wonderful moments and thereby connecting ourselves to nature outside.

9. Recollect your good old memories while trying a family recipe. This will keep away the chill of advancing winter both from body and mind.

10. As the season changes, changes the energy level.  In feng shui energy is called chi. To upgrade chi, you need to indulge in something productive like, getting involved in creative activities, increasing your thought process by reading etc.{picture from here and here}.