Vera Dordick

Home Decor News Editor

Vera Dordick is a communicator and creative provocateur with a passion for all things home decor and design.

With over three decades of professional journalism and branding experience, Vera offers unique perspectives on the latest in home lifestyle applications and design trends.

Her areas of expertise include the global leather industry and manufacturing sustainability.


  • 30+ years of professional writing and editing experience. 
  • 7+ years covering the latest home design trends for Homedit.
  • Global media presence. 
  • Multinational executive business experience.


Vera dived head first into the home design and decor field in 2015 after a lifetime of DIY-ing and dabbling in all sorts of creative pursuits. For Homedit, she scouts many design fairs, bringing readers the latest home decor trends, products and ideas.

At the same time, Vera serves as CEO of Hidenet Publications. Prior to this, she served in various positions at Hidenet, owned a consulting firm as well as a bespoke cake bakery.

Vera’s previous experiences include working for a multinational consultancy firm and operating an artisanal bakery. She began her professional career with the US government, serving posts in Washington D.C., London, and the Middle East.

She would serve as assistant director of campus relations at the University of Iowa and later Albany Law School director of communications before transitioning to the global business marketplace.  


Vera earned a BA degree in Journalism and Russian from Indiana University. She also holds a degree in Culinary Arts from SUNY Schenectady.

  • EXPERTISE: Home interiors and decor, leather
  • EDUCATION: Indiana University, Bloomington/SUNY Schenectady
  • LOCATION: Upstate New York
  • TITLE: Home Decor News Editor

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