Terry Schutz

Terry Schutz is a freelance writer specializing in home renovations, DIY advice, and construction topics. He lives in a small rural hamlet in central Alberta, Canada with his wife of 49 years. When the temperature is not 10 below zero, Terry can be found doing something in the yard such as rototilling–or whatever his wife  tells him to do. Generally, he writes something every day.


Terry has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years—acquiring  knowledge as an installer, manager, salesperson, and business owner. He and his wife have also built 5 houses.

Terry started freelance writing over 20 years ago. He has written for various  magazines and online publications such as Our World 50+, Better Soundproofing,  and Outdoor Happens.

Terry writes home renovation/construction articles, DIY and advice articles,  gardening/farming articles, and politically incorrect social commentary.

  • Expertise: Renovations, Construction, Homesteading/Farming, DIY
  • Location: Central Alberta, Canada

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