Stefan Gheorghe


Stefan Gheorghe is the founder and CEO of In 2008, he launched the platform out of his passion for interior design and home decoration. Since then, the site has grown from a small DIY design and home repair blog to a global reference point for professional designers, interior experts, and first-time DIY home enthusiasts.

Stefan has been featured on Bloomberg for his contributions to home and office interior styles and the latest developments in modern design movements.

As an international influencer on cutting-edge interior design styles and ideas, Stefan has enjoyed a visible presence on platforms like SalonedelMobile and at world-class events like the annual International Milan Furniture Fair.


  • Almost two decades of professional web publishing and media experience.
  • 14 years covering the latest in home design.
  • Analytical SEO research and development.
  • Multimedia publisher for online and print publications.


Since his youth, Stefan has maintained an inherent passion for interior and home design styles. By applying his natural instincts for design and modern living concepts, he has channeled his efforts into building what has become Homedit.

Stefan has a proven track record as a venture capitalist, real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Today, he is also devoting his efforts to his second passion – aquarium science, while maintaining an enthusiasm for strong coffee.


Stefan earned a BA degree in Management Marketing in Economic Affairs from Constantin Brancoveanu University.

  • EXPERTISE: Home improvement
  • EDUCATION: Marketing and Management University
  • LOCATION: Bucharest, Romania
  • TITLE: Founder/CEO

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