Rachel Brown

Rachel has worked in various capacities including as an interior designer, a teacher, an academic counselor, and the proud owner of a new blog, Yellow Finch & Co. Most importantly, she has been the presider over hundreds of tea parties, birthdays, and balls and the reader of a thousand books for her three girls. 


Her own sense of design combined with her experience allow her to create beautiful spaces that are authentic and meaningful.  Her practical experience with interior design began when she and her husband began renovating their first historic home in the early 2000s and has continued with every home they have owned.  She and her husband have renovated four historic homes of different styles and types. 


The way that she approaches her work is made richer and more nuanced by her own breadth of experience. She has been fortunate to live abroad and travel widely, experiencing many cultures first hand. She has gained inspiration from the history and culture of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and her understanding of the world has deepened. These opportunities have fueled within her a deep respect for the creative impulses and artistic endeavors of people all over the world and the power of collaborative ideas.


She holds a B.S. in Political Science and an M.A in International Affairs. She currently working as a freelance writer. She lives in Rome, Italy with her family. You can find her searching the antique markets in Rome for the perfect oil painting or working to improve her Italian. 

  • EXPERTISE: Home Decor, Interior Design, Renovation
  • EDUCATION: B.S. in Political Science and an M.A in International Affairs
  • LOCATION: Rome, Italy
  • TITLE: Interior Design Contributor

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