Hebe Hatton

Hebe Hatton is a freelance writer with a knack for interior design and home improvement. With a background in lifestyle and interior journalism, Hebe has a real passion for renovating small spaces and making them feel like home. Her expertise in this field comes from her personal experiences, like renovating her Edwardian flat in London.


Hebe recently converted a van for a life on the road in Europe. This has challenged her to get clever with storage and make it feel homely. By drawing on her own experiences, she can bring a unique perspective and valuable insights to her writing on interior design for small spaces.

Her hands-on experience with designing a van conversion gives her a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of interior design, such as how to incorporate functional elements while still maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.


Hebe’s experience in the Home Improvement industry spans over 10 years. As a home improvement journalist, she’s always looking for new and exciting ways to improve the spaces we live in.

Whether you’re a renter, a homeowner or a van-dweller, Hebe’s got you covered with her expert advice and tips for making your space feel like home.

  • EXPERTISE: Home Improvement, Interior Design, Renovations, and Lifestyle
  • LOCATION: Hackney, U.K
  • TITLE: Home Improvement Journalist

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