Emily Medlock

DIY Home Repair and Relationship Counseling

Emily Medlock is a writer, life coach, and personal development blogger. In 2020, she joined Homedit where she writes about DIY home repair and the latest developments within the interior design industry.

While exploring contemporary and modern living aesthetics, Emily offers unique perspectives on the spaces where people live, eat, and sleep.

With her background in relationships, she is particularly interested in how home environments offer opportunities for creative exploration. As she explains, “I also like to see things from every perspective before I make assumptions or judge.”


  • 10+ years blogging about relationships and identity development
  •  5+ years as a certified life coach and online personal development consultant
  •  7+ years promoting healthy online gaming communities via Twitch Stream 
  •  Author of “Growing Up,” available on Amazon.


Emily has extensive marketing and research experience. She began her writing career with Greenlit Content, an online gaming and content-driven platform. Following her interests in branding and development, she transitioned to Titanium Marketing, where she continued to develop her creative skills.

She continued on her career path at Lionbridge, an online translation and localization platform centered on breaking barriers and connecting international markets.

  • EXPERTISE: DIY Home Repair & Relationship Counseling
  • EDUCATION: Life Coach Training Institute
  • LOCATION: Alice, Texas
  • TITLE: Contributor

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