Brianne Bagge

Home Improvement Editor

Brianne Bagge is someone who takes, not the road less travelled, but a road that is completely her own. She is many things. And a writer and editor are among her several titles.

She incorporates a decades worth of customer service and management roles with words that help businesses and their supportive audiences. Her love of people and travel offers a unique perspective on living intentionally and creative problem solving.


  • 10+ years of client and customer facing roles.
  • 3+ years of professional writing and editing experience.
  • A purpose to help people and business solve their problems.


Brianne learned how to write online in 2019 and persued her dream to become a full-time writer. She took several online courses and earned many certifications to build a quality and valuable skill set.

In her previous lives, she worked in the food industry, a garden nursery, healthcare, and the school system in both customer service and management roles. Each opportunity provided valuable insight into the productivity of processes and how to best serve people.

Every experience was meaningful and has lead to her professional writing career. She’s written for several companies, Homedit being amongst the biggest of them.

Everything she’s learned about SEO, marketing, and writing online, and most things, are completely self-taught. She believes you need grit, and to work both smart and hard to get what you want in life. You can do anything you put your mind to.

  • EXPERTISE: Interior Design
  • EDUCATION: Klamath Community College
  • LOCATION: Oregon, United States
  • TITLE: Home Improvement Editor

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