AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat

Modern beds come in wonderful designs and styles which are meant to provide you with the maximum of comfort. The AURA collection of beds is featuring a great style and the comfort would be driven by the mattress. With clean lines and no waste of material on useless elements and frills, the Martin Ballendat made a good job. If you enjoy reading a book or eating, there is a flat base which can serve as a space for reading material or for breakfast.

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I like the simple and asymmetrical shape of this bed. It offers you the features you need without exaggerating with the details and the visual features that are purely aesthetic. Nevertheless, this very simple and thin bed is also comfortable, despite its appearance. And because of the size which is considerably smaller than the usually heavy designs, this bed can be placed wherever you want, even in small places. It’s also lighter and easier to move around the house in case you decide you want to change its location.

AURA Bed Collection by Martin Ballendat3

I wouldn’t recommend you to use it for hide and seek games because even if there’s plenty of space underneath the bed, there’s not a very good place to hide from anyone.