Attractive Pineapple Pavilion Villa in Hawaii

In Romania this winter showed its sharp teeth and perhaps many people thought of those sunny days and hot sandy beaches so that time could pass easier. The harsh cold and the huge amounts of snow have not disappeared yet but we try to think of the first day of March which seems closer and closer and perhaps will bring us more warm and sunny days.Perhaps those images of Hawaii islands would make us feel more comfortable and more optimistic. Those of you who can afford a vacation on such hot lands can also take a look at the following offer.

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Pineapple Pavilion seems a very exotic and relaxing place where you could definitely forget about the harsh winter. It is located in Kapalua, Maui, one of the famous Hawaiian Islands. It is a wonderful place which consists of four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and pool.The multitude of facilities, the interiors of travertine marble and granite, the spacious rooms and the classic wood furniture create a warm and friendly space where you can relax and feel great. Ever spacious bedroom has splendid views and comfortable furniture.

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The warm nuances of colors, the exotic floral prints and the paintings on the walls create comfortable and welcoming interiors. The spa, the sports that you can practice and the exotic views make of this place a real attraction for everybody who loves entertainment and never get bored. For a price that goes from $1,095 to $1,695 you can spend unforgettable moments here. You will be fascinated by the charming views of Pacific, neighboring islands and the white sand beaches.