Attractive Ninety7@Siglap House by Aamer Architects

First when you see this interesting building you may feel confused about its design. Its strange shape makes you think of different things like: a space ship, some waves or a undulating form of relief. I think it depends on people’s perspective or different way of observing things.

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Meanwhile you may be interested in some details related to its appearance and design. One of the things that you can find out is that its design was inspired by the views offered by Siglap Hill and the rooms that are situated at the third floor keep offering you the chance to admire wonderful views of the surrounding landscape.

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This attractive Ninety7@Siglap House was designed by Aamer Architects and it is situated in Singapore. Besides its interesting design it seems that each space is a continual flow to another space which goes towards the roof .This side of the house seems to assure the shade and coolness for the whole house.

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There are two resort style “Cabana” bedrooms that are located on the ground level by the pool with a large open/covered terrace for the poolside parties. The curved lines of the pool seem to underline a perfect symmetry with the rest of the building. These curved lines of the whole building create the sensation of dynamism and have nothing in common with a traditional square design of an ordinary house.