Attractive Interior Designs Inspired by Halloween

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and if Halloween is your favorite holiday, why not let it inspire the design of your home? By using the spooky holiday as inspiration, you can celebrate Halloween year round with classic designs that don’t have to be frightening. When we think of Halloween, one of the first things that come to mind is bright orange pumpkins. Tangerine Orange has even been declared 2012’s Color of the Year, and pairing it or other similar shades with blacks and grays adds a subtle hint of the holiday to any home.

Orange black kitchenView in gallery

A great place to try this bold color combination of black and orange is in the kitchen. Traditionally, orange is said to stimulate appetite and socialization, so what space is better suited than the kitchen. This clean and modern design uses orange as an accent, featuring the bright hue on the faces of the cabinetry. The orange contrasts with the black of the backsplash and gray of the walls, floor, and accessories. White is carefully added for an extra pop of life.

Orange living room with blackView in gallery

Two other great places to use the black and orange combination are the dining room and living room. This open house design uses this color scheme to unify the two spaces. Black walls contrast beautifully against the other white walls and natural wood of the ceiling and table. As a bonus, this fun, orange light fixture evokes the spirit of a pumpkin, which is always reminiscent of Halloween. The light fixture becomes an interesting feature of the space, as it is the only object suspended from the ceiling.

Orange carpet black furnitureView in gallery

Another ideal place to stimulate socialization, this modern living room takes advantage of the warmth of the color orange by incorporating it on the floor surface. The warmth of the natural wood flooring tends to read slightly orange, but using carpet tiles with various hues of the color adds an inviting texture to the surface. The bold color is balanced by the neutrality of the gray used throughout the rest of the space.

Bedroom with orange blackView in gallery

Admittedly, the black and orange color scheme can be overwhelming and may be a bit bold for every space. However, using the two colors as accents in a neutral space rather than the main colors can help to tone down the loud design. Consider this bedroom, which uses the color scheme in a more subtle way. The large black headboard and dark finish of the wood floors contrasts against the pale gray of the walls without being overwhelming. A darker shade of orange is incorporated through many of the accessories, including a pair of upholstered chairs. The subtle use of this color palette allows for a calming space to relax, which is desirable for a bedroom.

Orange black patioView in gallery

Not only does this color scheme add life to the inside of a house, it can be a great complement to the exterior. This patio not only features the palette on the furniture, but also incorporates black in the other unexpected materials, such as the mulch. The bright contrast of the orange and black also stands out against the lush greenery that surrounds the space.

Orange door black stairView in gallery

Another great way to use this bright hue on the exterior of a home is on the front door. This entryway is enlivened with a punch of color that stands out, and the added warmth creates an inviting contrast to the starkness of the gray metal panel and concrete.

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