Attractive Filigrana Pouf by Elena Manferdini

Poufs are wonderful decorative and useful pieces of furniture which might bring color and create a totally new décor inside your space. They usually represent relaxing seating places which assures the necessary comfort for a pleasant sitting and a great design for an interior space. Different types of materials or various colors seem create them a wonderful image which will might help you to create the atmosphere that you dream of.

FLODEAU Moroso Filigrana 8View in gallery

The same thing happens with this Attractive Filigrana Pouf designed by Elena Manferdini for Moroso. Filigrana pouf has a modern design made of fine and bright colored leather. Its orange nuance seems brighter and warmer with its laser cut motif on the surface which “plays with notions of scales and transparency gradients” as Elena Manferdini said.

FLODEAU Moroso Filigrana 8View in gallery

Once you have decided to choose this pouf you can be satisfied that you can bring more brightness in your bedroom or living room and create a sparkling and dynamic ambiance which will inspire you more energy and optimism.

You can be sure that your guests will appreciate your modern and dynamic style once they will notice the presence of Filigrana Pouf and you will be happy to ask them take a seat on this comfortable piece of furniture.