Attractive Club Mash by Ippolito Fleitz

If you are looking for a place where to have lunch, dinner or just spend your night you will be satisfied with the services offered by Club Mash.It is a place which combines all these things designed by the architect team Ippolito Fleitz. It has an attractive interior design which makes of it a place that cannot remain unnoticed.

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Club Mash has three separate areas which can also be separated in other small areas. Its characteristic features refer to its ceiling and the front side of the bar. The ceiling is a surrealist collage, an art piece created by a local artist. It is an interior area that is eye catching and creates a nice ambience.

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The most fascinating thing is related to those 2500 suspended plastic batons that create a special atmosphere completed by the light that gets out between them. They fit perfectly to the design of the bar. It is a wonderful place where you can find the perfect atmosphere for every event that you have in mind.