Attractive Clocks and Bowls

During time there were various types of musical instruments like gramophone, barrel organ, tape recorder or the pick-up. Today they only can be seen in the antiquity stores and their broken vinyl record were thrown away.

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Christine Claringbold seems to find these vinyl records a new destination. She gave them a new life by transforming them into new clocks or fruit bowls with vivid colors and interesting patterns. Thus if you have a clock made of a vinyl record with the Frank Sinatra’s image or Elvis Presley’s face on them time seems to pass more easily. Sitting comfortably in an armchair, you may realize that once a long time ago you have lived great moments of your life on the music of these beautiful vinyl records.

We love to listen to music no matter what is the style of music that we prefer, music surrounds us every day. Whether we hear it on the radio, on our walkman, in the car or at home, music takes part of our daily life. If nowadays we listen to music on CDs, in the ‘70s or ‘80s music was listened to just on the pick-ups, using vinyl records.

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Christine Claringbold transformed these old vinyl records into wonderful decorative items too that will definitely attract all the praises of your guests.Available at etsy.