Attics can be simple and cozy at the same time

The fact that an attic is the coziest space in the house even before you decorate it almost like a given. You can’t take this away from the attic, not even when you create a minimalist décor with neutral colors. What might seem cold in other spaces will look simple but cozy in here. And since the best way to learn and remember something is through examples, let’s take a look at such a space.

Black white attic

This is a Swedish attic apartment and, as you can see, it has an interior design rather typical to this region. It’s simple and decorated with neutral colors, mostly black and white.

Black white attic1

This classical and timeless combination is wonderful for small spaces so it suits the attic perfectly. The oblique walls are painted white so, on one hand they make the room feel smaller but on the other hand they make it seem spacious. The balance is perfect.

Black white attic2

Black white attic3

Moreover, notice that the interior design is also smart and not just stylish. The kitchen which also has a small dining area/ breakfast table has an architecture that’s difficult to work with. There’s not enough space for regular windows so skylights were used instead. This also adds to the charm of the room.

Black white attic4

Black white attic5

Black white attic6


There’s a skylight above the small dining table that illuminates the whole kitchen in a subtle way. It’s very beautiful how the designed took advantage of the natural light while also taking into consideration the space, the décor and the internal structure of the apartment.{found on Fantastic Frank}.