Attic penthouses – spacious, cozy and quite dramatic

An attic penthouse is a dream home for many of us. It has something that no other type of home does. It’s spacious and this solves a major problem but, at the same time, it’s also cozy because of the roof. In addition, the views from an attic penthouse are always beautiful, regardless of the landscape and location. Of course, each attic space has its own characteristics so let’s see what defines the following penthouses.

Impressive Attic Penthouse.

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse2

This impressive attic penthouse can be found in Östermalm, Stockholm. As we’ve mentioned numerous times, this is where the Nordic style feels the most beautiful and at home. This home is no exception. It can be found in the 6th floor in a building that dates back to 1882. The building itself has a long and rich history and this penthouse shares it.

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse5

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse6

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse

This attic penthouse is beautiful for several reasons. It’s chic and elegant but it’s also dramatic on some level. The main reason for that would be the high ceiling. The slated roof gives the apartment a cozy look and this a characteristic that beautifully complements the décor. Being a Nordic-style home, the apartment has a very simple décor. The main color is white but each room has one or several colorful focal points.

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse1

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse3

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse4

Ostermalm Attic Penthouse7

Color is introduced here in the form or artwork or accessories such as area rugs, colorful bedding or decorations. The living area is a large and open space that also includes the kitchen and the dining area. The skylights let in light and make the décor stand out. The penthouse also includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a terrace. In total, it covers an area of 1,646 square feet.{found on skeppsholmen}.

Contemporary penthouse.

Contemporary white penthouse

Simplicity in interior décor takes many forms and it’s always something different that makes a house or apartment special. In the case of this attic penthouse it would have to be the elegance of the décor and the beauty of the views. The apartment is also located in Stockholm, Sweden. As expected, the style chosen for the interior décor is simple and charming.

Contemporary white penthouse1

Contemporary white penthouse2

Contemporary white penthouse3

Contemporary white penthouse4

Contemporary white penthouse5

Contemporary white penthouse6

The cotemporary penthouse has a total surface of 1,571 square feet. It features an open floor plan that includes the kitchen and the dining area as well. The apartment also houses 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounges and 2 amazing rooftop terraces. Throughout the penthouse, the décor is simple and bright. The walls are white and the windows are large. They let in lots of natural light and this way the rooms feel even ore airy and beautiful.

Contemporary white penthouse7

Contemporary white penthouse8

Contemporary white penthouse9

Contemporary white penthouse10

Contemporary white penthouse11

Contemporary white penthouse12

The décor in this luxurious apartment is also based on contrasts. The walls are white and so are the ceilings and the floors. The furniture in general was chosen to contrast with this bright background. The shades chosen are dark brown and beige. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances and has a strong contemporary feel. A simple black ladder fixed to the wall serves as a display and storage system and has a very nice visual impact.{found on perjansson}.

Classy penthouse.

Classy penthouse5

But Sweden isn’t the only place where you can find beautiful penthouses. In fact, we just found one in Italy. This glamorous and elegant attic penthouse is located in Sondrio, a town in the heart of the Valtelline Valley, Lombardy, northern Italy. The interior that makes it so special was created by Fabio Gianoli.

Classy penthouse6

Classy penthouse7

Classy penthouse8

Classy penthouse9

But before we focus on smaller details, let’s take a look at the architecture of this place. The ceiling is very beautiful. It has an arched shape and this softens the visual impact it has. The exposed beams also make the rooms feel cozier and more inviting. The apartment has a huge open floor plan.

Classy penthouse10

Classy penthouse

Classy penthouse1

It contains the living room which is accessorized with a bookcase wall and an elegant sofa, the kitchen with a white island and bar, the dining area featuring a simple wooden table with classical white chairs and a sitting area with a more casual but still glamorous look. In the center of this large space is a stunning fireplace.

Classy penthouse2

Classy penthouse3

Classy penthouse4

A hallway with mirrored wall leads to the bedrooms which are also spacious but also simply decorated and with a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The focal points are not missing from any room.